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Sweet Speech – Pursuing Pleasant Words

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image from photobucket - creative commons license

image: photobucket – creative commons

“Sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness.”  Proverbs 16:21

My speech is not always sweet.  My tongue is hard to tame and prone to spew poison (James 3:8).  As a mom I have taught my kids to avoid poison.  I don’t want them to flee for their lives when I begin to speak.  I want them to look forward to my words.  I want them to hear me when I instruct them.  This will only happen when my speech is sweet.

“The heart of the wise teaches [her] mouth and adds persuasiveness to [her] lips.”  Proverbs 16:23

Since I want to bless my children’s spirits, encourage their hearts and strengthen their souls, I must keep my tongue under constant training and diligently pursue pleasant words.

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”  Proverbs 16:24

Honey is sweet to the tongue.  One taste creates a desire for more.  Honey has also been shown to have medicinal properties.  It can discourage infection and promote healing.  Pleasant words have similar effects.  They create a desire for more.  They contribute to strengthening and healing.

My kids love it when I serve them honey on bread.  They look forward to it eagerly and anticipate the next opportunity with excitement.  I want my words to have the same affect on them.

To “add persuasiveness to my lips” I must carefully consider the words I choose, the tone I use and the facial expression I display when I open my mouth.  Only by the grace of God and the strength of His Spirit can I train my tongue in the ways of sweet speech.

Are those around you strengthened and encouraged by the sweetness of your speech?

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